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We’re a boutique skin care center that helps men and women live better lives through improved aesthetics and healthy living. We always warmly welcome new patients and offer complimentary consultations for most treatments.

Skin Care Doctor

Meet your Physician Dr. Spoerri-Bowman

Dr. Rebecca Spoerri-Bowman, DO is a Family Medicine practitioner. She started her practice eight years ago to focus on the health issues of families in the Boston area.  

Following graduation from college, Dr Spoerri-Bowman completed her Master in Public Health at the Boston University School of Public Health with a focus on Social and Behavioral Sciences. Dr Spoerri Bowman credits her early working experience with developing her interest in integrative medicine considering both traditional medicine as well as alternative treatments.

Later to help people the way that she best could, she decided to apply to medical school She chose the University of New England for its emphasis on integrative medicine. She completed her residency training in family medicine at the Boston University Medical Center. Following residency, she entered private practice.

She soon started her own private Family Medicine practice so she could focus on the health issues of patients in the Boston area. She is well known for her patient centric approach and impeccable diagnosis skills.

Initially Dr Rebecca Spoerri-Bowman started her aesthetic skin care practice out of a need to provide specialized help for her Family Medicine patients. She addresses a range of skin care issues that can have a marked impact on patients well being, as well as some other more specialized treatments.

Dr Spoerri-Bowman plans to develop her family medicine and aesthetic skin care practices into an Integrated Wellness and Preventive Medicine Center.


Meet ​Ms. Faye Jenkins, RN

Ms. Faye Jenkins’ has been a Registered Nurse since 1977 and has specialized in Cosmetic Laser and Skin Care since 1995. Within our practice, she is dedicated to delivering safe and effective care to all her patients.Ms. Jenkins has served as a Fellow of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS)  and Chair of the Allied Nuursing and Professional Division.  She has worked with the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing to include  laser and light treatments into the Scope of Nursing Practice.  She has served on several task force committees to develop guidelines for the use of laser treatments.  Ms. Jenkins has been a guest speaker for several organizations including the ASLMS, the St. Paul Insurance Company, the American Academy of Medical Esthetic Professionals,  the Electrology Association of Florida and the  Electrology Institute of New England.In addition she presented on laser safety to the Connecticut State Electrolysis Association and the Massachusetts Board of Electrology Ms. Jenkins is a Registered Nurse and a member of the Dermatology Nurses Association,  and  the Massachusetts Nurses Association.  She has received the ASLMS Nurse Excellence Award and has been listed in Cambridge Who’s Who.

In addition to practicing at the Boston Skin Clinic, Faye Jenkins trains practitioners in various settings on their laser and light products through her company, Laser Nurse Consultants LLC.