We offer minimally invasive treatments that can temporarily reverse the signs of aging caused by facial muscle contractions.

We can help you look the way you feel inside – youthful, energized and beautiful with a simple enhancement to soften and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

For every facial expression you’ve made over the years to smile, laugh, squint, frown or scowl, the muscles in your face contract and leave a mark, a fine line or a deep wrinkle. Everyone ages differently and factors such as genetics, sun exposure, stress level and general well-being all contribute to your appearance over time. Which is why we offer customized rejuvenation plans tailored to your individual needs. Our wrinkle relaxing treatments are just one of the many options you have to regain your youthfulness.

We take time to fully understand your anatomy to ensure a beautiful and natural appearance. Botox treatment has advanced over the years and has become exceptionally safe, effective, quick and easy. With FDA approval you don’t need to worry – we’ll help your muscles relax and smooth fine lines.


Dr. Spoerri Bowman is a physician and treats all patients. Unlike our competitors, we don’t delegate to nurses or assistants.


We’re a small, intimate, patient focused practice; not a factory.


We invest in industry leading technology to ensure your comfort and optimal results.


We are a 5 star clinic across all major review sites!

Additional Information

Our Botox procedure softens and smooths lines and wrinkles by restoring volume, improving tone and texture of your skin. We use a meticulous approach and are always detail-oriented to ensure optimal results. Our experts are certified, experienced and passionate about delivering your desired results with technical finesse.

Who is it for?

Botox treatment can make a tremendous improvement to your appearance if you have glabellar wrinkles between your eyebrows, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes, bunny lines at the bridge of your nose, vertical lip lines, wrinkles around the corners of the mouth or platysmal bands around the neck. Botox for migraine treatment is now FDA-approved to help relax forehead and facial muscles. In addition, Botox for sweating or those suffering from hyperhidrosis is extremely effective to reduce sweat reduction. Treatment can be administered under the arms, palms and feet to dramatically reduce perspiration.


Step 1: Consultation with one of our specialists. We want to understand your goals for the procedure and your desired results. We will offer guidance and expert opinions on the best course of action. We will also take any necessary measurements at this time. If you have any questions or hesitations, now is the time to ask!
Step 2: Book an appointment.
Step 3: Prepare yourself by reading the educational material provided and following pre-surgical advice.
Step 4: Procedure day!
Step 5: First look at the outcome. Keep in mind there may be swelling and redness, depending on the procedure. Therefore the best approximation of final look will be after adequate recovery time.
Step 6: Recover. For best results, please follow all post-surgery advice and enhance healing with appropriate sleep, nutrition and hydration.
Step 7: Come back in for a follow-up appointment to ensure proper healing and optimal results.

How it Works

Botox injections are safe, convenient and produce natural results. The injections are administered in very small amounts to prevent contractions of the muscle, to decrease sweating in the area and effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Injections are performed after the proper anatomic targets and muscle activity are identified. The procedure takes only a few minutes with no down time – you can return to work and most social activities within an hour. The effects of Botox treatment become noticeable in about two to three days and will be in full effect in about seven days. Treatment lasts for about three months although individual results do apply.


How long is the recovery?

After your Botox procedure you can return to work or social activities within 30 or 60 minutes.

Can I exercise after my Botox treatment?

Yes, you may return to light exercise but please refrain from excessive or strenuous activities for up to four hours.

When will I see the effects?

It usually takes two to three days to notice the effects of Botox and about one week for the full effect.

How long will the effects last?

The results of Botox typically lasts for three months but it depends on the dosage amount, the area that was treated and the individual’s body chemistry.

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We always warmly welcome new patients and offer complimentary consultations for most treatments. Please feel free to call or email us to learn more.