Pigmented Lesion (Mole) 


Most people have random dark patches of skin on their body or face, but you don’t have to – our advanced lasers can safely remove unwanted pigmented lesions quickly and painlessly.

Our treatments are fast, safe and catered to all skin types. Our non-invasive method provides a comfortable and painfree experience with no downtime. Patients can expect to see the total disappearance of the lesion after only a few treatments.

Pigmented lesions, or moles, are dark patches caused by a cluster of melanin in the skin that can easily be removed with advanced lasers. Whether a pigmented lesion is a result of genetics, aging or sun exposure, our technology can eliminate the issue without causing damage to the surrounding skin. Most people are born with pigmented lesions but they are known to develop, darken and thicken over time. Our removal process is non-surgical, not painful and performed by industry leading experts.

Key Benefits:

  • Safe, effective and non-invasive
  • Designed for all skin types
  • Permanent results
  • Quick treatment and no downtime
  • Clear, smooth and beautiful skin


Dr. Spoerri Bowman is a physician and treats all patients. Unlike our competitors, we don’t delegate to nurses or assistants.


We’re a small, intimate, patient focused practice; not a factory.


We invest in industry leading technology to ensure your comfort and optimal results.


We are a 5 star clinic across all major review sites!

Who is it for?

Anyone who was born with a pigmented lesion or developed one over time. They can be on any part of the body or face, of any color or size. Our pigmented lesion removal process is designed to treat all variations.

How it Works

Our industry leading lasers are designed to deliver energy that is specifically absorbed by concentrated pigmented without damaging the surrounding skin cells.


Does pigmented lesion removal hurt?

No, the pigmented lesion removal process is not painful. Will there be any scars? No, a small scab will form for a few days and then flake off to reveal normal, smooth and clear skin.

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