Urinary Incontinence

We'll help you treat urinary incontinence. With our state of the art laser technology we’ll help you improve vaginal tissue tone and elasticity non-surgically.

Women can regain their intimate wellness in a painless, non-surgical, proven treatment.

According to a study published in Urology,  urinary incontinence happens to 25-45% of women. Traditional treatments are either ineffective or very invasive. 

Vaginal rejuvenation treats the loss of vaginal tone that can be a side effect of natural childbirth and aging. Over time, the vaginal wall, which contains collagen bers, can stretch and lose tissue tone and elasticity. Unwanted personal stress can be caused by leaking urine when sneezing or coughing due to loose vaginal tone.

Women may experience unwanted pigmentary changes in the vulvar area. Painful intercourse, itching or burning in the genital area can occur as we age. Reduced estrogen levels can lead to a loss of vaginal lubrication.

Your physician can now treat these symptoms with laser technology without medication or surgery. Women can regain their intimate wellness in a painless, non-surgical, proven treatment.


What is the Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment like?
The vaginal rejuvenation laser treatment is a simple, non-surgical procedure. Your physician will deliver gentle laser energy to the vaginal wall that stimulates a healing response and enhances moisture levels in the vaginal canal.
This results in remodeling of the tissue fibers, thereby restoring flexibility and shape. The vaginal rejuvenation procedure delivers both immediate and long-lasting relief in a painless, non-surgical, proven treatment.

Why laser vaginal rejuvenation treatments?

  • Safe, quick and easy in-office procedure
  • Non-surgical, incisionless
  • Mild to no discomfort
  • Walk-in, walk-out treatment
  • Symptom relief after just one treatment

Conditions Treated

  • Relieve signs of childbirth and aging
  • Restore vaginal tone, flexibility and shape
  • Relieve itching, dryness and overall hygiene
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